Our Story

Surprise Stories is a mother-curated, child-inspired company committed to making bedtime magical.

Our team believes in the power of storytelling, the importance of imagination and the benefits of quality connection.

Jessica Seoane, the founder of Surprise Stories, is a dedicated mom who intimately understands both the battle and beauty of bedtime. With her deep appreciation of quality connection leading the way, she was on a mission to find a fun and effective way for families to transition from day to night, without a fight.

Fast forward a bit... and a new spin on the timeless tradition of storytelling was born. Surprise Stories is captivating the hearts and minds of families, near and far, as they create magical moments that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Power off the screens and power on your imagination to experience the enchanting world of wonder that awaits.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to inspire imagination, create connection and make bedtime (and beyond) magical.

Your support of our small business is contributing to a big dream.

Together, we can empower young minds and encourage dreamers!

Our Vision

Surprise Stories provides a platform for your family to bond at bedtime. We believe that imagination is a superpower and time is a gift.

By cultivating magical environments, powered by imagination and connection, we hope to help families Brave the Battlefield of Bedtime. We understand that bedtime can be challenging, and it is our mission to rewrite this narrative.

Power off your screens and power on your imagination. Leave the day behind as you forge ahead to dream up new worlds together. Children will enjoy the quality time while also benefitting from the quality sleep that follows.

Why Choose Surprise Stories?

  • New Spin on Storytelling

    This is not your standard bedtime story! In fact, this game was created to give your routine bedtime books a break. Surprise Stories is a new spin on the timeless tradition of storytelling. The game inspires imagination through improvisation: encouraging you to surrender to the spontaneous as you create your own captivating narratives. We aim to ignite young minds and inspire imagination through improvisation. Immerse yourself in a treasury of unique characters, uncharted worlds and unpredicted scenarios. Be prepared to embrace the unknown as you embark on unexpected adventures at bedtime. With endless possibilities, you will never tell the same story twice!

  • Family Fun For All Ages

    Storytelling and imagination are timeless tools that engage, inspire and connect people of all ages.... bridging the gap of time.

    The interactive nature of Surprise Stories will bring the family together to tell tales, bond at bedtime and create magical moments that will cherished for years to come.

    With many, age-friendly ways to play, Surprise Stories provides family fun for everyone. There is no age limitation on imagination: the game is designed to grow and evolve with your family, offering benefits for all ages. 

    Regardless of age or stage in life: storytelling sparks curiosity, ignites imagination and enriches family experience.

  • Screen-Free Smiles For Better Sleep and Beyond

    In a busy world filled with screens, Surprise Stories promotes meaningful, screen-free interactions among family members (and individuals). Because of this, the game cultivates quality connection and the opportunity to bond at bedtime. Both of which lead to better sleep!

    It is no secret that screens before bedtime can negatively impact children's sleep. can also delay the time it takes for children to fall asleep. Blue light exposure can also lead to poorer sleep quality - causing more frequent wake ups during the night and less restorative sleep.

    This all has an indirect affect on your littles' creativity and imagination. Imagination is a superpower that we want to protect and nourish. Invest in imagination with Surprise Stories!

    We hope to help course-correct the widespread screen dependencies seen in our youth. Power off your screens and power on your imaginations!

  • Educational Fun

    Did you know that narrative skills are strong predictors of overall academic success?

    The positive powers of Surprise Stories are far reaching and diverse. Storytelling seamlessly blends learning with fun. The game inspires children to dive into imagination, tap into creativity, explore curiosities, build self-confidence and strengthen connections.

    Simultaneously, it is also improving language and communication skills, developing critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, reinforcing literacy, offering diverse and expansive vocabulary, diving into event sequencing and cause and effect relationships, strengthening memory and recall... and beyond. Surprise Stories provides the opportunity for overall cognitive stimulation in a fun and creative way.

    We believe that learning is most effective when it takes place in an enjoyable and engaging environment.

  • Social-Emotional Development

    Storytelling nurtures empathy, emotional intelligence and social skills by immersing us into new worlds with diverse characters and situations.

    Through stories: we are able to explore diverse perspectives and cultivate empathy. Surprise Stories is a great tool to help children understand complex + difficult ideas and emotions in safe and imaginative ways.

    In addition to relationship strengthening and bonding, storytelling also fosters communication, builds confidence and creates a fun environment for littles to understand and express their own emotions. Your little explorers will enjoy the benefits of self-discovery, empathy and improved confidence with the power of storytelling.

  • Happily Ever After

    While we dreamt up this game as a fun and effective way for families to Brave the Battlefield of Bedtime, the benefits of Surprise Stories extend well beyond. The game creates cherished moments of connection as families come together to share in the magic of their storytelling adventures.

    Storytelling and imagination are timeless tools that engage, inspire, and connect people of all ages. Through stories, we explore diverse perspectives, cultivate empathy, and understand complex ideas in accessible ways. Imagination fuels creativity, problem-solving, and resilience, fostering lifelong learning and personal growth. Regardless of age or stage in life, storytelling sparks curiosity, ignites passions, and enriches our human experience.

    Every night offers an opportunity to tell tales, nurture bonds that will last a lifetime and inspire traditions for generations to come.

Storytelling is not just a pastime, but a passion!