Our Vision

By cultivating magical environments, powered by imagination and connection, we hope to help families transition from day to night without a fight. We understand that bedtime can be challenging, and it is our mission to rewrite this narrative.

Surprise Stories provides a platform for your family to bond at bedtime. We believe that imagination is a superpower and time is a gift.

Power down your screens and power up your imagination. Leave the day behind as you forge ahead to dream up new worlds together. Children will enjoy the quality time while also benefitting from the quality sleep that follows.

Why Choose Surprise Stories?

  • New Spin on Storytelling

    This is not your standard bedtime story! In fact, this game was created to give your routine bedtime books a break. Surprise Stories encourages you to surrender to the spontaneous as you create your own captivating narratives. We aim to ignite young minds and inspire imagination through improvisation. Immerse yourself in a treasury of unique characters, uncharted worlds and unpredicted scenarios. Be prepared to embrace the unknown as you embark on unexpected adventures at bedtime. With endless possibilities, you will never tell the same story twice!

  • Education Fun

    The positive powers of Surprise Stories are far reaching and diverse. Storytelling seamlessly blends learning with fun. The game inspires children to dive into imagination, tap into creativity, explore curiosities, build self-confidence and strengthen connections.

    Simultaneously, it is also improving language and communication skills, developing critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, reinforcing literacy, offering diverse and expansive vocabulary and providing overall cognitive stimulation. We believe that learning is most effective when it takes place in an enjoyable and engaging environment.

  • Happily Ever After

    While we dreamt up this game as a fun and effective way for families to Brave the Battlefield of Bedtime, the benefits of Surprise Stories extend well beyond. The game creates cherished moments of connection as families come together to share in the magic of their storytelling adventures. Every night offers an opportunity to tell tales, nurture bonds that will last a lifetime and inspire traditions for generations to come.

Storytelling is not just a pastime, but a passion!