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Surprise Stories

Surprise Stories

Surprise Stories

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Surprise Stories

Surprise Stories is a nighttime storytelling game designed to inspire imagination, create connection and make bedtime magical. We understand that bedtime can be challenging, so we created a fun and effective way for families to transition from day to night without a fight.

The game includes 120 beautifully illustrated cards, complimented with captivating poetry. They are divided into three decks:

🌟 40 Stars: Featuring unique characters and creatures.
📍 40 Settings: Depicting imaginative and exciting locations.
📖 40 Storylines: Providing intriguing scenarios and plot prompts.
💡Also included are 3 information cards, 1 per deck, with prompting questions to help inspire imagination.

Players draw one card from each deck and must then tell a story based on this 3-card selection. With 64,000 possible combinations: you will never tell the same story twice! The elaborate illustrations and expressive poetry will immerse you in the story and spark your creative spirit.

Surprise Stories puts a new spin on the timeless tradition of storytelling. Inspire imagination through improvisation and Brave The Battlefield of Bedtime. 

With many ways to play, the game is age-adaptable and offers family fun for all ages. It was designed to grow and evolve with your littles through all ages and stages.

We want you to be part of our story! A world of wonder awaits.... 

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