A New Spin on Storytelling

Brave The Battlefield of Bedtime

Surprise Stories is a nighttime storytelling game designed with bedtime in mind. We understand that bedtime can be challenging, so we created a fun and effective way for families to transition from day to night without a fight.

Use the power of storytelling to inspire imagination, create connection and make bedtime magical.

Making Bedtime Magical

Our world of wonder is powered by imagination and connection. Make bedtime magical with our new spin on storytelling.

Your imagination is a superpower. Surprise Stories encourages you to surrender to the spontaneous as you create your own captivating narratives. We aim to ignite creativity, empower young minds and encourage dreamers.

Immerse yourself in a treasury of unique characters, uncharted worlds and unpredicted scenarios that the game provides. Be prepared to embrace the unknown as you embark on magical and unexpected adventures at bedtime.

Discover Our Story

The positive power of Surprise Stories

  • Physiological

    The goal of Surprise Stories is to help children transition from day to night without a fight. Some physiological benefits of storytelling include:·

    • Improved sleep patterns and bedtime routine
    • Removal of technology helps to transition away from the distractions of the day
    • Reduction of stress as a result of decreased cortisol levels
    • Creation of positive emotion
    • Promotion of emotional and physical calm
    • Increased oxytocin levels, which are associated with trust and relationship building
    • Family bonding and uninterrupted quality time
  • Educational

    Narrative skills are strong predictors of overall academic success. Some educational benefits of storytelling include:

    • Reinforcement of literacy skills
    • Exposure to diverse and expansive vocabulary
    • Improvement of language and communication
    • Promotion of critical thinking and problem solving
    • Understanding of event sequencing and cause & effect relationships
    • Strengthening of memory and recall
    • Overall cognitive stimulation
  • Social-Emotional

    Surprise Stories is a family-friendly game fun for all ages. Some Social-emotional benefits of storytelling include:

    • Relationship strengthening and bonding as a result of increased levels of oxytocin
    • Practice of focus and listening skills
    • Lessons in turn-taking and flexibility
    • Encouragement of listening and responding skills
    • Development of moral skills and empathy
    • Improved consideration of how others feel, act, react and respond
    • Enhanced self-discovery skills through the exploration of personal feelings and real-world experiences
  • Imagination Development

    Because storytelling relies on the utilization of imagination, Surprise Stories aims to inspire imagination through improvisation. Some benefits to having a big imagination include:

    • Cultivation of creativity 
    • Exploration of curiosity 
    • Facilitation of innovation 
    • Reduction of cognitive resistance: think outside of the box!
    • Encouragement of visual processing
    • Increased ability to visualize spoken words
    • Development of self-confidence